Winter Veil is Here!

Shomru aO posted Wed at 2:07
Winter Veil

Everywhere is looking festive as the Winters Veil celebrations kick off in Azeroth. Find out more here!

New Website Hype!

Shomru aO posted Sun at 19:03

Yes thats right! we've moved.  The old website was out dated and had pretty much no activity going on, This place is a bit bare bones at the moment but we're hoping that with everyone's contributions and input we can build up our community a bit more. So if anyone has any suggestions head over to our forums and leave them there!
Monster a we got better home now !

The Pulverized Twins

Fraph aO posted Mon at 2:02

They left the world like how they entered it, together. Rip.
Shomru aO Rip in peas
Monster a Rip

Crakingspore (heroic)

Fraph aO posted Mon at 1:46
These shrooms are good, man!
Monster a Perfecto

We Rocked Heroic Tectus!

Madshark aO posted Sat at 17:51

Our third Heroic boss to fall! Lots of guilds have skipped Tectus in their progression but we got him down after only a few pulls. Brackenspore next!
Monster a nice kill
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