Mythic - Kargath Bladefist

Fraph aO posted Thu at 18:40

Mythic - Kargath Bladefist

Video: Orb of Souls vs. (Mythic) Kargath Bladefist

Mythic - Twin Ogron

Fraph aO posted Thu at 18:38

Mythic - Twin Ogron

Video: Orb of Souls vs. (Mythic) Twin Ogron

Guild Competitions!

Shomru aO posted Thu at 18:24
We're hoping to set up some guild competitions on a regular basis with some fantastic prizes given by Reckless. The first competition will start on 27/1/2015. First prize will be an Iphone 6. 
Shomru aO From what I hear Madshark has something quite special lined up for us! Exact details will be given out on the day of the ...
Monster aO Goodluck for everyone ;D

Well, that 'heroic' boss that trolled us for like past 2 weeks is spanked now.
Unfortunately, no one made a screenshot. But ofc the memory is still fresh, so i just reconstructed one.

Click here for large version.

Swindler Pretty sure I was alive. ...
Monster aO Hunters OP !!
Tebin aO I'm glad I got a mention despite not being there. I'm amazed you did it without me.

Winter Veil is Here!

Shomru aO posted Dec 17, 14
Winter Veil

Everywhere is looking festive as the Winters Veil celebrations kick off in Azeroth. Find out more here!
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